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Fire Damage and Reopening

Update - December 04, 2008

Take a look at the new photos at the bottom of the page.  We have begun to teach in the main ballroom again.
It is safe to drop our nick-name: The Black-n-Blue BallRoom, as we become the BlueBallRoom again.
There is still plenty of work to be done.  We don’t expect to have use of our small ballroom, the BabyBlue, for almost a year. 

Public dances are expected to begin after the first of the year.  Keep an eye on your email for an announcement about New Year's Eve.


The fire started around 4:00am on Saturday, October 25th.  This is the view of the exterior of the affected buildings after the flames were extinguished.

Here's the really BAD NEWS.  The back ballroom - the BabyBlue - is toast.  Roof is gone, floor gone, mirrors gone, windows gone... it looks like the Tango Milonga will be on hold until the building is rebuilt.


It could have been worse... The firewall kept the main lobby, lounge and main ballroom from being damaged but the smoke and soot penetrated everywhere.  No, we did not make the dancefloor black for the halloween party.  Luckily Servpro is already on the job and things are coming together.

This shot will break your heart... note, the cobwebs on the railing survived the fire without any trouble.

 Here is the update as of 4pm, Tuesday, October 28th.  After thousands of rags and mop-heads we are getting there.  All the furnishings are being removed and cleaned to make way for the potential re-construction and painting.

 Here are a few new images to chart the progress taken 11/01-11/05.  These all fall into the category "you gotta get worse before you can get better"

Here is the lovely Roseanna taking her chandelier apart, one crystal strand at a time.

This is what 5,000+ crystals looks like when you lay them on the floor.  Of course our trusty assistant, Brunello the hairless dancing wonder dog is watching vigil

Yes, those are holes in the ceiling.  This was necessary to remove the smoke damage from the enclosed duct work.  Believe me, this is a lot better than having to remove the entire HVAC system and start over - whew!

 Here are the latest photos taken as of December 3rd, 2008.



Stroke, stroke - painting of the ceiling

Love that new wallpaper


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